About METW

Middle East Technical Well Control Training Company (METWCTC) is a training company located in Ankara, Turkey. The objective of our Company is to contribute to the well control training for Drillers, Toolpusher, Supervisors and Drilling Engineering planning personnel of operator and contractors. Our staff is coming from a line of oil and gas industry background with international exposure. Mission of our company is to increase the quality level of training in the Geomarket we are projecting to operate. Our main Geomarket is Turkey. Our facility is in a good locality in Ankara Turkey, easily accessible with underground metro.

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Learning outcomes of IWCF Courses in METW Training Centre

Learning outcomes have been developed for each of the learning objectives contained in the syllabus of the training scope. The outcome indicates how each learning objective will be fulfilled with a detailed description of the skills a student must have at the end of the course. These learning outcomes are the basis for assessment questions.